Define the nature and kinds of Intellectual Property?

 Define the nature and kinds of Intellectual Property?
Introduction:- The term 'Intellectual Property' signifies creation from intellectual exercises, for example, logical modern exercises, actually or masterful field. All these rights are available intangibles. All these rights are vested with the owner from his intelligence. Human skills and intelligence are very important part of intellectual property. The real or the actual owners of intellectual property are the author, owner, inventor, designer, programmer or the maker.
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property

Scope of Intellectual Property
The Convention has established World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has given a wide definition of IPRs. Under this definition the IPRs rights include relating to:
1.      Artistic, Literary and scientific work;
2.      Artists performances and phonograms and broadcast;
3.      Scientific discovers;
4.      Commercial names, designation, Trademarks and service marks;
5.      Inventions;
6.      The protection of right from unfair competition and another right such as an industrial, scientific, literary or artistic field.
Intellectual Property creates legal rights and duties of an inventor or author, this right should be protected from theft, if this right is theft the prosecuted should be punished. Otherwise it cause huge loss to the inventor or author and it also discourages original authors and stop them in the development field of industry and technology.

Principles of Intellectual Property Law:- The Principles of Intellectual Property Law has the same and equal opportunities given in all over the world. It plays a very important role in the development field such as industry, commerce and trade and growth of creative effort in every field of human endeavor, every country safeguard the legal right of the inventor or the makers and encourage the person of his intelligence and his ability. The value has been given to this person and also legal right and protection has provided by the country.

Nature of Intellectual Property:- The nature of Intellectual Property is intangible, incorporeal property. It contains the legal right to the inventor or Creator. In some cases, the intellectual property right to use the person have to grant licenses from the governed of the State depend on the subject example patent rights.

Form of ‘Intellectual Property’:- Intellectual Property simply includes Design, Patents, Trade Secret, etc. The modes of acquisition, legal rights and duties are also known Intellectual Property.

Classification of Intellectual Property:- Intellectual Property can be divided into two major branches. They are as follows:-
1.      Industrial Property; and
2.      Copyrights.
                               I.            Industrial Property:- There are three types of Industrial Properties. They are as follows:-
a)      Patents;
b)      Trademarks and
c)      Industrial Designs.
a.       Patents:- The term ‘Patent’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘Patent’ which simply means ‘To open’. A patent is a form of industrial property or now a day it is also called intellectual property. It is also called a monopoly right which is granted to a person who invented a new or improvement of existing articles or a new process of making articles. It consists of the exclusive right of manufactured according to the invented process for a certain limited period. After the expiry of the duration of the patent, anybody can make and use the invention. Now a day patent is called intellectual property. The owners of the patent have the right to sell the patent. He has also right to grant licenses to others to exploit the patent.
b.      Trade Mark:- A person who sell his goods or products under a particular trademark required  inclusive symbol or in the form word, label or a device applied for commercial purpose with a view to indicate to the public that they are the goods manufactured by a particular person or a company which distinguish from similar goods manufactured by the other person.
c.       Industrial Design:- Industrial Design means design or features or shape of patent, ornament or composition of lines or colors applied to any articles whether two or three dimensions or in both dimensions. The design may be created by any industrial process or it may be manual mechanical, chemical or separate which is in the finish articles appeal to and judged solely by the eye.

1.      Copyright:- The word ‘Copyright’ means expression, copy of word which is used in first 1586. In the form of copyright, intellectual property was recognized. It is a creation of the statute. Under this Act, no person is entitled to copy any right in any work except those which are provided under the Copyright Act. The word ‘Copyright’ means an exclusive right given by the law to do or authorize another person to do certain activities for a certain period relation to:
a.       Literary, dramatic artistic musical work,
b.      Film, Cinematograph and
c.       Music literary and sound recording works.

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