Recognition and Theories of Recognition


The word Recognition means declaring a new State in International Community. State should possess essential condition of Statehood such as population, territory, a government and the capacity and power to inter into relation with other existing States. When the other existing States acknowledge the possession of attributes a new State, it is called Recognition of State.Acknowledgment may characterize a formal affirmation by the current individuals from the International Community of another State, State ought to satisfy the fundamental properties of Statehood and have control and capacity to inter in relation to other States.
Recognition of State
Recognition of Staate

Meaning of ‘State’
Kelsen see on State that a Community to be perceived as a universal individual ought to satisfy the accompanying condition.
a)      The Community should politically organized.
b)      Community should control definite territory.
c)      The control should tend toward permanence.
d)     While constituted a community should be independent.
The essential condition of Statehood is:-
       I.            People.
    II.            Territory.
 III.            Government.
 IV.            Sovereignty.

Theories of Recognition
There are two theories of Recognition. They are as follows:-
1)      Constitutive Theory.
2)      Declarative Theory.

1.      Constitutive Theory:-Prof. Oppenheim and Sir Hersch Lauterpachtare are the main supporter of Constitutive Theory. This Theory says that just through acknowledgment another State will frame and have intensity of right and obligations. This Theory says that just through acknowledgment another State will frame and have intensity of right and obligations.The new State is just structure through acknowledgment and turn into an individuals from International Community. Thus it very well may be said that acknowledgment is a technique to shape another State and will turn into an individuals in International Community.

2.      Declaratory Theory:- Declaratory Theory says that another State enter in group of country and has certain privilege and obligations however at first it ought to has fulfills the fundamental ofStatehood recognition of State means independent States.

Advantages of Recognition
To form new State or recognition of State a political party play a very important role there are some disadvantages if a State is not recognized by existing States. In any case, acknowledgment brings a chance to sets up discretionary connection with perceived States.
Disadvantages of Un-Recognized States
1.      An unrecognized State doesn’t have  capacity to sue in the Court of non perceived States.
2.      An unrecognized State doesn’t have power to enter into any relation with other States.
3.      The unrecognized States cannot enjoy the diplomatic privileges.
4.      An unrecognized State doesn’t have power to enter any treaties.

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